I am currently based in Johannesburg and began blogging restaurants purely because of my love of eating out! South Africa has a really diverse spread of food types and is quite affordable, when compared to many other countries, so I am privileged enough to be able to eat out often.

Growing up in a REALLY small town, followed by boarding school, a gap year abroad and then another four years as a broke student, really didn’t lend itself to much quality eating out. I do however think that I now have a less ‘snobby’ attitude towards food and find great delight in eating out at a range of places.

I hope you find a few cool spots to venture to from this blog!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear
    Daley Murray,
    It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to Capri Kitchen & Bar.
    The Business boasts a refocus for Neapolitan Cuisine. We like to think that we have a unique Concept, Serving a Bespoke Cocktail List, Metro Pizza and have been fortunate enough to be sponsored a Bottom’s up Beer System By Growler Brewing Company all of this coupled with fantastic live entertainment. We host a variety of events such as our Weekly Comedy Night every Thursday with some great talent. If you happen to be close to Greenside and find yourself looking for something to do tomorrow night feel free to stop by.

    If not, it would be great to get together to talk over a few opportunities we feel might interest you, as you have followed pages on social media that related to a few of our other Businesses that we operate.

    Love your work

    Warmest Regards
    Michael Holiasmenos


  2. Hi Dalley,

    Please share with me your email address so I can add you to our database and be able to invite you to some of our food & wine events.

    Kind Regards,


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