Jozi Breakfasts

The Grove Green Cafe, Parktown North

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So well this may not be the most popular review, especially when viewed by carb-phobic gymers, but I feel that I am nonetheless entitled to my opinion.

Invited by a friend for breakfast, I was really caught off guard when I tried ordering poached eggs and somehow worked out, before finalising my order, that I would not be receiving toast with my meal. Well this may sound good to those watching their carb intake…. What was I supposed to mop up my egg yolk with?

Gluten-free, banting, 100% rye… Not one option is available with any of the breakfasts. So I settled on an omlette and added avo as I decided that would half-fill the lack of something to go along with my breakfast.


Now I may sound dramatic to some, and I am only too happy for those trying to avoid anything ‘bad’ for you, but c’mon? It caters to a small group of select people and I would definitely not choose it as a go-to spot with a group of friends.

Ok, enough ranting!

The setting is lovely for a warm day and it is nestled in a little gated off property which I would have missed, had I not spotted it on a previous trip through Parktown North. You order as you walk in as the staff do not take your order at the table.


The atmosphere is pleasant and we all enjoyed our coffees. The protein pancakes looked to me to be one of the better options for breaf(I would even have been happy with one of those to compliment my initially planned poached eggs). One of our friends opted for a quinoa salad and it stood out over the breakfasts. It was a large portion and looked like it was packed with goodness.


I think as a breakfast spot, it doesn’t cut it in my books but there seemed to be a decent selection of healthy lunch options so perhaps I’ll be back to try those out!

  • Food 3/5
  • Value 3/5
  • Service 3.5/5
  • Atmosphere 4/5
  • Overall Rating = 3/5

Contact: 076 174 9258