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Urbanologi, Marshalltown – 1 Fox Street

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Although a fan of fine-dining, I rarely find the meals worth the price.. I had however seen a few posts of very creative looking dishes and decided this was worth a try.

You will find Urbanologi at 1 Fox Street across from the market place. It was actually slightly confusing to find because there was a sign marked ‘Mad Giant’ outside and it took us some time to realise it was indeed Urbanologi.

What struck me first was the size of the place (oh, and the beer tanks). Really high ceilings with bold pieces of artwork here and there. Then to feel like you’re actually sitting in a classy brewery was another unique aspect to the evening. The decor reminded me of an old-fashioned diner and the light fittings, a pulley system, were an engineers dream.. haha.



To start, we sampled a few of their beers made on site (R10/tasting) and browsed through the unconventional menu that we didn’t understand until the waitress explained it to us. The style of the food is Asian-fusion and while the menu isn’t endless, it is diverse with enough choice for every palate.

One shortfall that I noted during the evening was that our waitress was knowledgeable on the food but when asked about the brewing process,  had very little idea. For a restaurant of this calibre I think the staff should be taught the process and be able to answer simple questions about the brewery.


Funky Bathroom Decor

The waitress recommended 3-4 dishes per person and that sharing would be the best way to try a bit of everything. We chose 5 savoury dishes and finished off with 1 dessert per couple. What a treat!!! Awesome flavours from start to finish and just a lovely experience of unusual dishes that you don’t find at your run-of-the-mill restaurants.

To name a few of our dishes:

  • The Deep fried potatoes (R35) were really just wedges but paired with the seaweed emulsion it was hard to stop!
  • Steamed Brioche (R30) with Truffle cream and Pea salt were little dough balls that were far more enjoyed by the ladies at the table (bread is our weakness).
  • The men favoured the Crispy black pepper Pork Belly (R70) but their was an overall consensus that the Tuna Tataki with Pickled Octopus (R75) dish was one of the highlights.
  • A taste of the Charred beef cheek (R90) with truffled cauliflower puree and braised onions, left me wishing I had ordered it too.
  • The only dish I would AVOID is the Yakitori chicken (R70) as we did not find it to be any more interesting than your average chicken wings.

For dessert:

  • Banana-barley malt ice cream, beer gateau, halva, dark beer caramel with an oat crisp (my personal favourite of the two) (R55).
  • Lightly smoked dark chocolate milk, Passion fruit caramel and toasted rice (R45)

The food worked out to about R150 – R200 per person which is really worth it for the quality of food and the experience as a whole. I think it could actually be one of the most affordable, ‘fine-dining’ experiences in Joburg.

Awesome work Urbanologi!

  • Food 4.5/5
  • Value 4.5/5
  • Service 3.5/5
  • Atmosphere 5/5
  • Overall Rating = 4.5/5

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