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NOTE: Cube has relocated from Parktown North to Maboneng since writing this review!!

What an awesome hole in the wall this is! Finally got to Cube for  my best tasting menu yet.. I have walked by before and literally missed the place as I don’t even think there is a sign up outside.

Once inside, there is a rather homely feel as the decor is minimal and unpresumptuous. Their 10 course tasting menu will set you back R770 (including tip), which is paid before the night to secure your booking. It is a lot to pay but really worth the experience if you enjoy tasting menus.


They don’t have a liquor license but do recommend different wines, for each meal, that you can bring along at no extra charge. As a group we split the different types of wines between couples, which worked well on the evening. The waiters were attentive and despite the size of our group and the various wines being served, they managed to keep us all happy.

We had front row seats to the kitchen and enjoyed watching the process of them plating up for all the tables. They try to serve each dish in the same time frame, to everyone in the restaurant, so don’t be late for your booking!


Now onto the best part.. Food, food and more food!!

The least interesting dish was the starter Summer Salad with deep fried gnocchi, roasted nectarine, crunchy onion and Parmesan. It was however crispy and fresh and enjoyed by all.

That was followed by a clear coloured Gaspacho soup with prawn popsicles and dressed croutons (bread sticks). I enjoy these tasting menus because you are forced to try things you would not generally order i.e Gaspacho soup, and often find that these foreign tastes are rather pleasant.

Next up was my favourite savoury dish for the evening – Squid palate – which entailed squid tubes and Asian stuffing, crispy squid heads, squid ink mayo, pickled Shimeji (mushrooms) & Dahnia (Coriander). I do not like strong fish dishes in general but found the flavours to be outstanding!


Then onto roasted White fish (Cape Salmon) accompanied by macerated grapes, creamed leeks, pecorino ‘soil’ and a palm heart veloute (type of cabbage) which again was really enjoyable and not overpoweringly fishy.

To move us on from the fish dishes we were given a mango ice, palette cleanser sprinkled with pickled cucumber and dried chilli sticks.

What stands out with Cube is the way they present the dishes. Every time a dish is served, someone from the kitchen comes to explain what and how food has been prepared.  The chef entertained us with some blazing cooking and the staff invited me into the kitchen to snap away.


My second favourite dish for the evening was the roasted duck empanada with a roasted baby onion and a few red & black cherries topped with a type of white sauce.

And the mains just kept coming…

We finally ended off the savoury dishes with BBQ Springbok loin on a bed of refried beans and rich tomatillo, corn choux buns and a few drops of Avocado and sour cream paste. The meat was served medium/rare and the portion size was really generous.


And just when you think you have no more space for anything…. That little spot in your tummy that is specially reserved for dessert needs to kick into gear!

Pineapple Panna Cotta, with Fennel and lime was up first. Panna Cotta is rarely served correctly but the consistency was perfect and the dessert was fresh and light.

This was followed by 3-part dessert: Lime & truffle Meringue, Dark chocolate hemisphere and Beetroot marshmallow. The chocolate was rich and the combination of flavours worked well together.

They ended off the evening the evening with a really unique dish of rosewater ‘Ravioli’ filled with Turkish delight, fresh berries & Nougat with a side of sherbet taking us right back to memories of our childhood.


Overall a fantastic evening spent with close friends and amazing food! Thank you Cube!


Note: Bottled water, tea and coffee are not complimentary and will be added to your bill.

  • Food 5/5
  • Value 4/5
  • Service 4.5/5
  • Atmosphere 5/5
  • Overall Rating = 5/5

Contact: 082 422 8158