Jozi Lunch/Dinners

LBV Bistro & Wine Bar, Bryanston

So last week’s challenge was to find a good restaurant for a very informal bachelorette, for 10 friends, in the Bryanston area. There aren’t a shortage of places around but it needed to be different to the rest, something special, with a bit of a vibe. After an easy online booking made on Tuesday (this place seems to be fully booked most evenings) we made our way to La Bella Vito (LBV) for Friday night’s dinner.


For those of you who know the Cramerview Village Centre (on Main Road), it is not the prettiest of destinations to want to spend an evening. Take a little road to the back of the centre however and you’ll find this place nicely lit up and full of charm. The restaurant is artistically decorated and has a ‘cool’ feel to it.

DSC_3591 DSC_3615DSC_3594

After a warm greeting we were seated and left to peruse the menu. The variety isn’t huge but it is well thought out and probably the reason for the delicious food! Focus and effort are clearly put into each dish and none of us were disappointed with our choice of dish. The wine list is small but good and cocktails, craft beers and gourmet shots are also on offer for the more adventurous! Starters range between R55-R100 while mains are R65-R175.  Waiting on loads of ladies is no easy task at the best of times but the staff at LBV handled our table with ease. 


If you like Pork Belly this should be at the top of your list to try out, as it was one of BEST I have had. Accompanied by a caramelized fig and bacon bits, this dish will definitely ‘blow your mind’. It is crispy on top and moist in the middle, just as it ideally should be. I replaced the mash with sweet potato fries and they were happy to oblige! (BE WARNED: This dish is extremely rich and you may want to take it slowly!!) The braised lamb gnocchi was another favourite at our table and was a close runner-up to the pork. For dessert the recommendation was ‘The Infamous Chocolate Lava Cake’ and despite being stuffed, 2 of the girls made room to devour one.

Pork Belly
                   28 Day Wet-Aged Sirloin Steak
                           Braised Lamb Gnocchi


The bill arrived accompanied by chocolate truffles rolled in icing sugar. What a pleasant replacement to the usual mints one is used to! These are made in their own Cakerry which sells fresh cakes, breads and pastas on a daily basis.

This spot could be recommended to anyone, whether it be for a romantic date or a big group of friends. I will need to go back to sample more of their foods before I can give it the best rating possible but it definitely came close from first impressions!

  • My Rating: 4/5
  • Contact: 011 706 7662 (