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The Schwarma Co., Norwood

A recent trip to Peru and Brazil has left me so grateful for the abundance of delicious meat that we have available in South Africa. Not that these countries didn’t have good meat (and some rather foreign items on the menu such as Alpaca and Guinea Pig), just that we are blessed to not have to pay an arm and a leg for the stuff when we go out to eat.

Schwarma Co. is nestled in Norwoord on what I assume to be one of the most popular streets (71 Grant Avenue) in the suburb. I love this place for many different reasons but mostly because of the mix of cultures found here. It had a cosmopolitan type feel to it, somewhat similar to Brazil, in that you’ll find a bit of everyone right at your fingertips. The neighbourhood is predominantly a mix of Jewish, Muslim and West African people and you will spot everything from Ferraris, dad’s cycling with their children to a man playing music hoping for some spare change.


The place is made up of two-storeys with a balcony and open deck upstairs. I was told by the waitress that the upstairs section is more ‘vibey‘ but I enjoyed sitting on the wooden deck downstairs watching all the people go by.

DSC_3105 DSC_3108

The title is self-explanatory as to what food you will be getting here. It is however so much more than a schwarma joint. This place boasts Middle Eastern cuisine as well as a variety of foods such as salads and burgers to ribs and steak. The desserts are divine and home-made pastries will have your mouth watering. The restaurant is Halaal friendly but for those of you who want to sit on the balcony and sip a glass of wine, the option is available. They have a variety of bottled and canned goods for sale and they arrange platters of finger foods on request, if you are thinking of hosting a party.


I had the lamb schwarma served in a pita and would have stopped halfway if I hadn’t been enjoying it so much! I am not shy with the amount of hummus, tzatziki and tahini sauce that I slap on and their vegetable selection is abundant with choice.



The average Schwarma will set you back R70 which in my opinion is well worth it. This unpretentious little spot is open for dinner but makes a perfect outing for lunch if you’re wanting to enjoy the awesome weather that Joburg has to offer.

  • My Rating 4/5
  • Contact: 011 4831776