Jozi Lunch/Dinners

Signature, Morningside

Deciding where to go for some fine-dining is never a quick choice. Wanting to get the whole experience of eating somewhere ‘snazzy’ but not paying an absolute fortune for it is usually my aim.

Using my new entertainment book ( for details) as my guide, I made the decision to try Signature.


The main thing that stood out for me from the minute we stepped inside, was the excellent service. The staff were friendly and professional and the manager was on the floor for most of the evening. The restaurant has musicians playing most evenings and we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere it created.


Onto the main part of the evening though.. Food and Drinks!

Let’s just say I left feeling like I had definitely over payed for my meal and for my wine. Be prepared to pay at least R200/bottle for the South African wines and a whole lot more for international ones. Most wines by the glass are about R75, so a bottle seemed more sensible. The R50/glass of Brampton (which I really do enjoy), was out of stock and nothing in the same price range was offered to us.

I thought the starters were over priced at a minimum of R100 each and decided to skip them. Main meals range between R170-R250 and although they are well presented, I was not blown away. I was excited for my Signature Trio dish (Quail, Duck and Pork Belly) but can honestly say that the only thing enjoyable on my plate was the Duck. The Quail portion was tiny and the pork belly was bland and dry with no crispy fat in sight. The chef’s special steak dish, was far tastier, grilled to perfection and the meat was very tender! Dessert cheered me up though as the trio Creme Brule (Berry, Vanilla and Bar One) was divine and totally lived up to my expectation.

Siganture Trio
Chef’s special
Trio of Creme Brule

All-in-all it was a mixed experience and I don’t think I’ll be back there anytime soon.

  • My Rating: 2.5/5
  • Contact:  011 884 8888