Jozi Lunch/Dinners

Bismillah, Fordsburg

If you are looking for authentic, well-priced, Indian food then Fordsburg is your best bet. Most of the popular restaurants are located on Mint Street and you will never have a lack of them to choose from. Fordsburg is not considered an upmarket area and could even be considered ‘dodgy’ by some people, but I have never had a problem eating at these restaurants. There is an evening market on Mint Street and I would not recommend venturing there but rather park near to the restaurant of choice and make your way inside.

Bismillah meaning ‘In the Name of God’ has four branches just on Mint Street alone and have now opened for business in Melville as well. The one we ventured into was at 71 Mint Road and is one of their larger branches.

This is the perfect place to take a large group if you are looking to get value for money. HUGE popadoms and a complimentary salad (cucumber and tomato) are served while you decide what to order. Be sure to share curries (1 curry can comfortably feed 2 women) so that you can get a taste of everything. Their Butter Chicken is the best I’ve ever tasted so do not get put off by the bright yellow colour. Friends of mine raved about the mutton briyani and mutton curry. Rice does not come standard but in my book does not compare to the garlic, butter Naan that is highly recommended.

There is however NO alcohol sold as it is strictly Halaal, so don’t be disappointed when you arrive.

  • Food 4/5
  • Value 5/5
  • Service 3/5
  • Atmosphere 2/5
  • Overall Rating = 3.5/5

Contact: 011 838 8050