Jozi Lunch/Dinners

Perron, Illovo

Welcome to Perron…


This trendy little spot is a rare gem to find in Johannesburg. Mexican food is not easy to come by in this city which is evident when you have to book nearly a month in advance just to get a table for 2 in this spot. If I had to compare it to a restaurant it would be quite similar to Cape Town’s el Burro in Greenpoint.

To start off the wine menu was good, a nice mix of popular wines. I decided however to try out their cocktails as I spotted a few at other tables. I ordered a delicias de fruta which had a strong taste of melon but did not disappoint.


The service was good and the atmosphere was friendly. The décor was trendy and unique but simple and effective.

Being a Mexican place the main focus is on Tapas. They recommend 2-3 dishes/person (R40-R50/dish). If you decide to go for a main meal they range between R80-R100. The presentation of the meals was good and the food was very tasty. We shared 4 plates and topped it off with a 5th dessert plate.

The popeye empanadas (plate on the right) were Dan’s favourite while mine would have to have been the mushroom quesadillas (on the left). The slow cooked pork taco was the best value for money but be WARNED: It is very smoky!



All in all we enjoyed our night thoroughly and would recommend this place to people. It would be great to go in a group and we will definitely be back!!!

  • Food 4/5
  • Value 3/5
  • Service 3/5
  • Atmosphere 4/5
  • Overall Rating = 3.5/5

Contact: 011 880 7296