Jozi Breakfasts

Craft, Parkhurst

This place was such a winner to find! After encountering a very disappointing, almost eggless, menu at ‘The Pudding Shop’ we headed off to Parkhurst in search of something more edible. Craft looks more like a lunch or dinner spot to me but I was really pleased to have stopped by for breakfast.


The service was friendly but a bit disorganised. The Americano arrived 10 minutes before the white hot chocolate and came with cold milk when we requested hot. The breakfasts took just over 20 minutes to arrive which was a bit of a wait but it was a generous portion of food and we were not disappointed despite the slightly overcooked pork sausages.


The food is presented in an original manner and not something you’d forget easily. I will definitely be back to try their ‘fluffed white’ egg dish as I had a serious case of food envy watching other people tuck into their breakfasts.