Jozi Lunch/Dinners

Lucky Bean, Melville.

After one week back in this bustling city it was time for mine and Daniel’s ‘first date’. I thought that choosing a restaurant in Joburg would be easy to do (as I was convinced I had been SOOOO spoilt for choice in Cape Town) but I was sorely mistaken! The abundance of restaurants had me totally overwhelmed and lead to me booking and cancelling at a few places first.

I settled on Lucky Bean mainly due to its location. Melville is an area that I have only heard about from my joburgean peers, who either attended UJ or used to party up a storm in once-upon-a-time clubs like Roxys and Cool Runnings (probably illegally)..

I was surprised to find that the area is still well-preserved (in the dark) and has quite a few “cute” restaurants along the streets.

Lucky Bean

We arrived to a rather empty restaurant but immediately liked the vibe and the whole setting. We were seated upstairs where we had a prime view of the restaurant downstairs. The décor is lovely and the music set a great atmosphere. There is a hole in the wall that is curtained off which leads into a vibey little bar next door.  The service was exceptional from start to finish and our food arrived promptly. There is a nice selection of wines as well with a few that I did not recognise from the shops.

The waiter recommended we try the Springbok Pot Pie (R95) which was our first choice and then I had seen great reviews on their Ostrich Burger (R80), so we ordered that too. I was disappointed to receive the pie on a plate covered in gravy as that was not the impression I received from the ‘Pot’. Although quite tasty, the pie was dry inside and we had to ask for more gravy to spice it up a bit. The Ostrich Burger was the best yet! It was cooked to perfection and I would recommend it to anyone!

Overall the evening was extremely enjoyable! If you’re looking for somewhere new and quirky that is not too expensive, Lucky Bean is definitely worth a visit… To avoid disappointment I would book in winter, as the restaurant inside was almost full by the time we departed.